Janine Gordon

Born,  lives and works in New York


   The Cooper Union, New York New York, B.F.A.  

   New York University, New York, New York , M.F.A


2008    No Bull, Elga Wimmer Gallery, New York

2008   Destructive Forces, MV Art Projects, Zurich

2007   Stunting ,  Elga Wimmer Gallery, New York

2006   Stunts, Jumps and Having Fun, Galerie Kamel Mennour, Paris

2005   Dirt ,Galerie Volker Diehl, Berlin, Germany


2005   Love, Galerie Kamel Mennour, Paris


2004   Hardcore Sessions, Oliver Kamm Gallery, New York

2002    Deitch Projects, New York

2002   Galerie Volker Diehl, Berlin

2001    Refusalon Gallery, San Francisco

2002    XL Xavier LaBoulbenne , New York

1999    ANP, Antwerpen

1998    ANP, Antwerpen

1996   Mad Love  John Gibson Gallery, New  York

1995    White Columns, New York


1995    In Vitro, Art Contemporain, Geneva 


2010          NYC Energy Effects :Art and Artifacts from the Landscape of Glorious                   

                 Excess, MCA Denver

                 Lost Horizons, Exile Ausstellungsraum, Berlin Germany

2009Kids Behaving Badly , ClampArt, New York

Summer Camp, Exile Ausstellungsraum, Berlin Germany

Esquire Showcase Apartments, SOHO, NYC



2008        Play Loud, Galerie Celal, Paris, Curated by Laetita Chauvin and Chiheb

               Art for Life benefit with Rush Arts at Russell Simmons

                 The Other Side, The 58 Gallery, NJ, curated by Billy Miller

                 Circulo Azul, Mexico curated by Elga Wimmer

2006         Invisible Museum , Devon Dikeu via Denver Art Museum

              Do the Right Bling Stedelijk Museum, Holland

                   Pulse art fair NY, Galerie Volker Diehl

                   Youth of Today, Shirinkunstalle, Germany

                   Moscow Art Fair, Moscow, Galerie Volker Diehl

                   MACO , Mexico Art fair  , Elga Wimmer

2005         Extension 17, The Swiss Institute, NYC

                   Pulse fair, Miami , Galerie Volker Diehl       

                   Paris Photo 2005, Galerie Volker Diehl

                   Summer group show, Mitchell –Iness and Nash


2004          Will Boys Will Be Boys, curated by Shamim Momim

                  The Armory, NY, Galerie Volker Diehl

                   Palais de Tokyo (((LIVE)))) Curated by Jerome Sans

                  Rimbaud ,I-20 Gallery,

                  Teenage Kicks, Royal Hiberian Academy . Dublin ,Ireland



2003        Gallery Group Exhibit, Oliver Kamm 5BEGallery

             Art Miami, Oliver Kamm ,NADA

             Art Miami, Mitchell-Innes and Nash Gallery

                  The Berlin Art Fair, Germany

                  A Moments Notice , Inman Gallery,Texas


2002          Highlights from the Permanent Photography Collection, The Whitney    

                  Museum of American Art

                  The Armory, Paul Morris Gallery

                  BOMB  curated  by J.Gofdon Brooklyn Front Gallery

                  Come to Life , curated by Noritoshi Hirakawa

2001          The Whitney Bienniel, 2001, The Whitney Museum of American Art

                  Pollock to Today: Highlights from the Permanent Collection

                  Whitney Museum of American Art, New York

                  Directory, Swiss Institute, New York, curated by Marc-Olivier Wahler

                  Masculinities Nikolaj  Contemporary Art Center of Copenhagen,

                  Guide to trust No.2, Yerba Buena ,curated by Jimi Dams


                  The Conclusion of a Paradox,Venetia Kapernikas Gallery

         LoVe, Cynthia Braun Gallery, New York

         Bloom, Lolocolmo, Brescia, Curated by Gianni Romano

1998       Identity Crisis, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York

         Male, Wessel O ‘Connor Gallery, New York, curated by Vince Aletti 




2011         Belio Magazine, Spain


                  Drome Magazine, Paris , Rome

             Straight to Hell

             Adbusters “Viva Revolution”

2009         Vince Aletti , Male, PPP Editions

                  The New Yorker,  Kids Behaving Badly ,April 13

                The Josh Magazine , Janine Gordon June/July

2008         Straight To Hell, Issue 65 curated by Billy Miller

                  Puma Bag project, curated by John Armleder

2007         Zing Magzine, Fall, curated by Devon Dikeau

                  Black Noise, project for Steven Parrino,

                  When Johnny Comes Marching Home again #1, curated by Billy Miller

2006         Redux #21,  Janine Gordon- Review at Kamel Mennour,


2005          Wayne Northcross, Janine Gordon, Genre Magazine

                   Audry Mescina , Janine Gordon, Blast Magazine

                   Janine Gordon, GQ Style, Germany


2004          Roberta Smith. Rimbaud, The New York Times, Art in Review, July 30

                   Claire Daigle, New York, New York, Art Papers no6 49 N/D

2002        Holland Cotter, Spiritual America from Ecstatic to Transcendent, The New 

                  York Times,

                    Kelly Klaasmeyer, Memory Lane, Houston Press

                    Masculinity, Vogue Hommes, April

                    Wayne Northcross, A Hothouse Mirror of Masculine Desire, LGNY


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The Whitney Museum , permanent collection

Denver Art Museum

Dartmouth College,

SFMOMA –permanent collection

Hammer Collection, Los Angelos

Dikeu Collection, Colorado

MAMCO, Geneva

Fonds national d'art contemporain (FNAC), France