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As you know times are tough but I’m up against a lot of isms, From the biters to the haters to the secret social forces, I have only become stronger. I am a Freedom fighter, on the front lines of free speech,the rights of the individual, alternative health variables, exposing corruption and a myriad of other anti NWO causes.

My music is the main vehicle for this expression as well as radio shows and blogs. In the past I was able to facilitate recordings in Europe with Quickmix and we were able to record much material, but now I am stunted because of lack of support. We do not mess around when it comes to quality production and the only thing that is keeping me back right now is the ability to record my vocals. This is very sad for an artist. There are so few artists that are saying anything worth stick anyway that it is important to keep the true warriors locked and loaded.


I have written 2 albums worth of anti NWO material to record as well as some music to mix. I would like to continue to create music for the world to hear the TRUTH but I can only do this with your support. I am not corporately sponsored and have maneuvered through several career blocking contracts, including soul selling management that sells your work to the big boys on the low. I am an independent artist, with zero backing at all. I never had it before and have consistently been able to ride the wave. I do not like the dark workings of the music industry and would prefer not to be an owned commodity, ( except in YOUR tune player).

This is hard for me, and kind of embarrassing to ask because I have asked for a donation for my own work before, but it the only solution , as I have waited a year and a half and have not found a sponsor. I need to raise $ 2000 for a microphone and some basic equipment in order to prevail. I am asking for a donation of what is possible for you to contribute whether it be $1.00 to more. There is a little pay pal donation box on my page.

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Janine Gordon @ 2018