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Best way to capture stunts in photos

Nowadays almost all of us carry a decent quality digital camera inside our smartphone which allows us to take good pictures. However, capturing stunts in photos is not exactly the same as taking snapshots of our children or nephews. Nevertheless, by resorting to some fairly simple techniques and some ingenious tricks it is possible to create amazing images.

Required knowledge to capture challenging moments in pictures

According to the accomplished multimedia artist Janine Gordon, the best way to capture stunts in photos involves as a first step knowing the following principles:

  • Basic notions related to photography and camera obscura
  • The behavior of light
  • Techniques to create the ideal framing
  • Photo retouching

The principle of the camera obscura is an almost exact replica of the performance of human eye. There is a system of focus lens which allows you to obtain an inverted image of the object to be captured. In the case of the eye it is known as the retina and in the case of the camera is known as sensor.

Etymologically photography means drawing with light. Therefore, the technique you get to use to exploit such element is going to be responsible for the quality of the final result.

In the case of stunts photographs, the sun is going to be the most important source of light, either directly or blurred by the clouds and the atmosphere. Once you get to understand these elements you have everything you need to start shooting photos.

Useful techniques to create sensational photos

Getting to capture quality images of stunts is extremely satisfactory since it is like fighting against speed and challenging the laws of physics. In order to create professional pictures, it is advisable for you to look for blurred backgrounds.

Additionally, to get good pictures of moving objects as is the case with stunts, you must use shutter speeds that are above 1/500 of a second, for a standard sensitivity of about 200 ASA.

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